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Once The Interview Is Over...

So you have worked on your resume, applied to job posting or companies directly and landed an interview! You prepped by learning about the company and anticipated all the questions they might ask during your meeting. And the interview is done…

What now?

Practice the 3 ‘R’s:

  1. Reflect

  2. Respond

  3. Relax

Reflecting after a job interview
Reflecting after a job interview.


While no one ever knows for sure how an interview went, you can reflect on the experience from all angles by asking yourself a few questions. Firstly, review the notes taken during the meeting and recall mentally what took place after you are done. Were your responses ‘canned’ or did you genuinely and thoroughly answer all the questions? Did you listen as much as you spoke? Did you leave the meeting feeling like you demonstrated a match between your skill set and the requirements of the role? After hearing more details about the position from the interviewer, are you still interested in the role – and not just because it is a job?


Did you follow up with the recruiter (inside or outside vendor) to express your interest in the role? If there were any additional documents or answers requested or volunteered, have you followed up?


Hopefully you left the interview feeling you have put your best foot forward and given it ‘all you got’. Internal needs within a company change rapidly, so give it a week to 10 days and then reach out again if you have no other feedback.

Continue interviewing with opportunities that come up because you might just come across an opening that seems like a long shot and ends up being your perfect fit!


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