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Will WFH options be mandatory in the hiring process from now on?

Video conferencing from home
Working from home

The CoronaVirus pandemic created a new work landscape for those used to a traditional 9-5 work environment. Gone are the days of the morning and evening commute and in-person conversing with work colleagues during the work day. After more than a year of living in this pandemic, views towards working from home (WFH) have changed. Many report better productivity not having to spend time commuting, while others miss the workplace environment and the socialization part of the office. It is easier to walk over to someone's desk to ask a question rather than having to wait for an email, telephone or Zoom/Teams/Skype reply. On the other hand, some have fears about returning to an office environment due to remaining pandemic anxiety. So the question becomes - will WFH options become more flexible moving forward? There is no easy answer. Decisions around WFH take into account several factors: How critical is in-person work to the company's success? What are the costs/savings of office rents/expenses? How does in person vs virtual attendance affect productivity rates? Companies such as Twitter have made the decision to close all of their offices and make the company strictly remote. So what should companies and those seeking jobs keep in mind during the hiring process? For the company: As a company, keep an open dialogue. If going back to the office is deemed fundamental for success, maybe partial WFH options are possible. Listen to employees' concerns and suggestions to make an informed decision about WFH policies. When hiring for new positions make it clear the expectations for in-person vs remote vs hybrid attendance. For the job seeker: Ask questions! Do not be afraid to inquire about your concerns regarding in-person work. Make yourself aware of the types of industries that will likely require physical attendance at work. If this is something you are feeling uncomfortable with, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your profession. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a change in the work landscape. As Deepak Chopra once said ”All great changes are preceded by chaos”.


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