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How Do I Find My Candidates?

My full time role is working as a recruiter, headhunter, and search practitioner – there are many different titles. This means, I fill my days either looking for candidates to fill roles or introducing my services to prospective clients.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “How do you find people” for these roles?

The answer – it depends:

Frankly, I prefer to ‘go and find’ the candidates I am looking for that fit my search criteria. So, either I reach out to my network that may have contact with an ideal candidate(s) or I find them because they are happy doing what they are doing (and not actively looking for a change).

How does a candidate position themselves to be found by a recruiter?

1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and populated with relevant data! BTW - You can click looking for ‘new opportunities”. It will show up on the Recruiter platform - not your public profile (see Me icon)

2. Join your associations

3. Respond to ads that you are truly a fit with – this doesn’t guarantee a call back though will catch the eye of the reviewer for this or other related roles.

4. Engage in industry platforms so you will get known by your peers.

What else can YOU do to get noticed?

1. Maintain relationships. Rarely does it happen that the time you are ready for a new role, the exact position is available. Checking in every once in a while and sharing industry info works both ways and helps keep you top of mind.

2. You may approach a recruiter who has a specialty in your field to increase the likelihood that one of the roles they are currently working on or may be working on in the future will create a match.

3. Answer ads that are closely aligned with your skill sets. The recruiter may like your experience enough to set up an initial call.

4. Make the most of the position you are in! You may find unexpected internal (or external) opportunities!

There is no “one size fits all” in the world of recruiting. One thing is for sure – the more engaged you are in your role, the more likely you will be found!

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