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Why You Need A Complete LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn (LI) is a professional site …” mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.”

So why create a profile and leave it with the bare minimum of information? As a recruiter who uses LI regularly to source, engage with and recruits applicants, it always surprises me why someone creates a profile and leaves it half empty. When I have a large number of profiles to review, I will generally pass on contacting a candidate who has not taken the time to flush out their profile.

When completing your profile, list at least your key job functions and the time you have spent at each role. Education is also helpful regardless of the level you have completed.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn may or may not mean you are looking for a job. Here are a few other reasons to create a full outline:

1. Business development. An organization looks to see why your business is a fit for theirs. Do we have connections in common? Do you do work or offer a service that is compatible with ours?

2. Looking for committee members. Does this person have the experience we need for the task as hand?

3. Speakers for an event. Does this individual have the expertise in the topic we are presenting?

4. A full profile will also weed out those who are looking for skills other than yours.

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