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Never Look for Your Next Role

Make Yourself Interesting So Job Prospects Come to You

Tired of searching for your next great job?

Maybe it is time to approach your job search from a new perspective.

Often, when we are looking for our next great job, we take the usual steps: update resume, brush up on interview skills, network, and obsessively peruse job search websites. However, what is often underestimated is how valuable your interests outside of work are as well.

The traditional methods of job preparation are necessary and you can not completely do away with them. This time, why not try something different? As soon as you stop looking for your next job and make yourself more interesting, that is when your next job might find you.

Professionals walking down the hall
Make yourself interesting so job prospects come to you

Let Your Next Job Find You

If you want to attract job prospects then you must first be “Attractive.” Simple enough! One great way to improve your attractiveness to job prospects is to be an interesting person outside of work.

Here are some things you can do to help you with this endeavor.

  • Identify and Follow your Passions. It is time to evaluate what your interests are. What are you passionate about? Once you have identified what your passions are, find a hobby that reflects them.

  • Volunteer or Develop a Skill or Hobby. One way to become more interesting and attract more job prospects is to develop a skill or hobby. Play an instrument? Play a sport? Write? Paint? What about volunteering your time? Now might be as good a time as any to start.

  • Keep a Positive Attitude. When in search for your next great job, maintaining a great attitude is key. A person with a winning attitude acknowledges his or her fear and yet still moves forward. Above all, you must try to maintain a winning attitude.

“What Are Your Interests?”

It sounds cliché, but having a life outside of work can make you happier, and more successful. Plus, having diverse interests and hobbies will definitely make you more attractive to job prospects.

Interviewers want to know what your outside interests are in order to get a better feel of your personality and transferable skill sets. Skills developed with your outside interests may align nicely with the job for which you are interviewing. So it would be of benefit for you to have an answer to this question.

Remember, you are not a walking resume. You are so much more than your career and it is important that your life reflects that. The irony of that is when it does, you inadvertently become more attractive to job prospects.

Do yourself a favor and spend a little less time networking and perusing job search websites and more time investing your energy into your life outside of work. Become a more interesting person and watch the job prospects find you!

Do you need help finding a new job or have more questions?

Contact Melissa Schafer ( from Allemby Management Group Inc. for more information today!


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